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Hey this is my place.My name is Ronika.I live in Ft.Smith,Arkansas and I am a Christian.To tell you more about me,here is my profile...

Birthday-May 20,1978
Hometown-Ft. Smith, AR

hair color- brown shoulder length eye color-hazel

I am a Christian and I do try to live a Godly life.
Favorite Music-I am a lover of music. I love to listen to it, play it and write my own. I like all kinds. From comtemporary christian to gospel. From alternative to pop. I like blue's, jazz, country, almost anything. The only music that I am really not crazy about is a lot of hard rap and heavy metal. Some I can handle, but most of it I can just do without.

Favorite Movies- I am the same about movie's as I am about music. I like a lot of variety of movie's.I have to admit, since I am a women and all I love a good chick flick! My favorite would half to be up close and personal..but I like almost all of Julia Robers movie's like Notting Hill and Run Away Bride. I also like action and commedy's like The Fugitive and Con Air.

Describe my personality-The best way to describe my personality would probably be how my best friend introduces me.. "this is my crazy friend Ronika". I love to laugh and I love to fun. Laughter is my way of dealing with things. I am very sensitive inside, but a lot of people do not get to see that part of me. I think a lot of times I shield how I am feeling through commedy and laughter. I let very few people inside my heart. I guess it is away of protecting myself from getting hurt. I feel the same way you do. If only people would look past my size they would see a wonderful person. Alot of people are to busy looking at the cover to open the book and take a look to see what is inside.

other stuff- my favorite colors are purple and hunter green and I love winnie the pooh stuff!

I work in a medical lab, so basically I deal with blood, urine and poop all day long! Sounds fun doesn't it. I just started there a couple of weeks ago. So I think this is going to help with my diet tremendously! hee hee

Please visit Kevin's website called Jesus is the Master
It has tons of Christian graphics,information,and much more

I am now with a wonderful guy named Kevin.He helped make this page.Kevin and I met online through Yahoo! ads but we met by the Grace of God. We live apart(he lives in Jonesboro)but we will be with each other one day.

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Ronika's Place

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